4 Glow Golf - 6 Ball Sample Pack

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As illustrated by Top Golf, Drive Shack and others, there are people that just want to have some fun hitting golf ball!  4 Glow Games is bringing the fun to your back yard.  Of course if you are a golfer, no better way to extend that evening round after dusk! 

Sample  Pack Includes

(2)  Spectrum - 7 Color LED.  Change the color of the ball with your cell phone flashlight!

(2) CL Nightflyer Tournament ball:  This one is still an LED golf ball, but has a very soft feel.  Lights up for 9 minutes upon impact... clock restarts at new impact.   Used during Night Tournaments, 4 Glow Games Deluxe and $1 Million Shot

(2)  Lite4Nite - This is a real golf ball, designed by a top golf ball engineer.  Using phosphorescent in the outer case in the manufacturing process this ball is always lit! Hit it with a UV Charger (most LED Flashlights work well) and it super charges the ball!  Great for twilight rounds and used during the 4 Glow Golf Burgers and Beer Competition!