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                  ** JUST ARRIVED ** 

4 Glow Games Nightchipper is a chip and putt target system for your backyard. Stay home be safe have fun and Play at Night!

  • (3) 4 Glow Games LED Target "Flag"
  • (3) LED multi color target rings "Hole"
  • (2)  CL NightFlyer 9 Minute LED Tournament Ball 
  • (9) NightSport Glow Rods - 7 Color
  • (2) Soft Indoor Golf Balls 


The set up is up to you based on your yard and distance. The rules of golf apply.  Par is established by the one who sets up the game.    

Typical Set Up
White Rod - Tee Box
Blue Rod - Mid Way 
Red or Blinky - (hazard or 5 to 10 Giant Steps to "Flag"
Flag- 4 Glow LED Pole and Hole  

The Night Flyer is a very sophisticated piece of golf equipment.  A chip and LED within the ball is designed to light-up upon sensing a strong impact! Once activated, the built in computerized timer will keep the ball illuminated for 8-9 minutes.  The ball will "shut off" after that time... UNLESS THE BALL RECEIVES ANOTHER IMPACT! If struck again, the 9 minute timer starts over.