4 Glow Golf - 3 Ball Sample Pack

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4 Glow Golf is trying to expand the interest in the game of golf.  As illustrated by Top Golf and others, there are people that just want to have some fun hitting a ball!  4 Glow Games is bringing that to your back yard.  Of course if you are a golfer…The Tournament CL and Nite4Lite can extend your playing time after the sun goes down!

Starter Pack Includes

(1)  Spectrum - 7 Color LED.  This one hits a little "rocky", but being able to change the color of the ball from your Cell Phone is pretty cool.

(1) CL Nightflyer Tournament ball:  This one is still an LED golf ball, but has a very soft feel.  This ball stays lit for 9 minutes once hit or dropped.  And the clock starts over whit a new hit!  We use this during Night Tournaments, 4 Glow Games Deluxe Edition and required for the $1 Million Shot.

(1)  Lite4Nite - This is a real golf ball, designed by a top golf ball engineer.  Using phosphorescent in the outer case in the manufacturing process this ball is always lit! Hit it with a UV Charger (most LED Flashlights work well) and it super charges the ball!  Great for twilight rounds and used during the 4 Glow Golf Burgers and Beer Competition!