Albus Golf - Eco Bio Ball - Deck Ready Kit

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24 Eco Bio Balls

What is the ECOBIOBALL, and what does it look like?

ECOBIOBALL is the first and only golf ball in the world which, after being used and subsequently biodegrading, releases fish food. This is why we have defined it as ecological and biodegradable.

ECOBIOBALL is a single-use ball with a unique and exclusive design for practicing golf close to marine environments (sea, ocean, rivers, lakes and ponds).

In addition to its non-contaminating properties, ECOBIOBALL is a product that brings an important added value to the environment, improving and increasing the sustainability and biodiversity of marine life.

Thanks to its innovative formulation, it starts to biodegrade immediately on being submerged in water. In less than 24 hours, its external coating starts to open, and in 36 to 48 hours the internal core, comprised of 100% fish food, is released into the water, where it can be eaten by fish.

1 Hitting Matt with Handle

JEF World of Golf Tee Off Mat with Non-Slip Rubber Back
Molded-In Handle makes it easy to carry and move.
Golf Tee Holder is embedded in tip of mat for all length Tees
Turf Hitting surface can take a pounding. 

1 Hybrid Golf Club
You always want to have that club around for the "novice" golfer.  We include a brand name Hybrid with a retail value of at least $150.  You are playing near or on water... you don't want to hand them your $400 beauty!

If you need lefty or want a Childs club note at check out!